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More ideas for Stevens Point Mall


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STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- The CenterPoint shopping center looks to get a face lift, but the specifics about everything that will change are still in the works.

With less than a month until the $5.9 million referendum vote, there are still no final plans for what the city wants to do with the mall.

Stevens Point's community, Stevens Point's money, and now -- Stevens Point's nearly-empty mall. But this one community stands divided, with many ideas on the table and not one definite resolution.

"I haven't heard anyone give a reason why they don't want to see it," said Ron Klein, who lives in Stevens Point. "I've heard people make their individual comments but I haven't heard any good reasoning."

First, Mayor Halverson made his proposal, which would move Mid-State Technical College into the old JC Penny's, then demolish parts of the rest of the building. Now others are stepping forward with ideas of their own.

"I've been here in business for 32 years," said Bill Yudchitz. "Our present mayor is 32 years old."

Yudchitz, who plans to run against Halverson for mayor this year, works as the head architect of his company. With his background, he said he can help put together a plan for the mall that the city can be proud of.

"You have to have the knowledge of where to take it apart, what will come apart easy and what will come together in order to come up with a good plan," said Yudchitz.

Yudchitz's main idea centers around the fact that his plan isn't set in stone yet. He said he's open to hearing what people in Point have to say and wants to figure out what would be best for everyone.

"You have to have meetings, you have to get them to buy in and then they have to pay for it with stewardship," said Yudchitz.

Even though most parts of the mall look dead, plans to revitalize it still survive.

"This is a beautiful building," said Klein. "And if it can be saved with things that are worthwhile, that should be the first attempt that is made."

Mayor Halverson plans to have listening sessions in the near future, as does Yudchitz. Yudchitz  has planned a meeting for Thursday night for community members to talk about what they want to see in the mall. It starts at 7 PM at the Portage County Library and everyone is welcome to attend.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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