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Class of the Week: Bannach Elementary

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STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- The fifth graders at Bannach Elementary School are warming up their fellow schoolmates and raising money for kids across the world.

"There's other people in third world countries that don't get it as good as we do," Says fifth grader Ally Schulist. " So, we just decided that we'd give them some of our money so that they can take care of themselves and get a little food.  They only, probably, get three meals a week, unlike us, we get three meals a day."

Learning that, the entire fifth grade class at Bannach Elementary School knew they needed to help.  With the help of their teachers they organized a hot cocoa sale, fifty cents for a steaming cup. 

That money will be donated to Child Fund, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids. Kids who have lives these kids can't imagine.

Fifth grader, Lexi Ford says, "I think it's really hard just to survive because they don't have much food at all.  They don't have electricity and plumbing and all that stuff.  I think it would be really, really hard."

Not only did these students learn how people live in other parts of the world, they learned another valuable lesson from their teachers; giving is better than receiving.

Tracy Cronce, one of three fifth grade teachers at the school says, "It brings a tear to your eye to see that kids really care for other kids and are really thinking globally about people around the world that they don't see every day."

The students have raised nearly $500 dollars so far.  They'd like their money to go to a group in Guatemala that serves more than 300 meals to children every day.  That group hopes to expand.

And that's why 5th graders at Bannach Elementary School are Class of the Week.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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