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WAOW Closings and Delays Policy

WAOW's goal is to give viewers, web and smart-phone users timely, accurate information about weather-related closings and delays in the WAOW viewing area. 

  • Our policy is to report announcements from schools, churches, major employers (those with 50 or more employees) and government agencies.  Closings and delays from these organizations typically affect the most people and are most urgent.  In order for viewers and users to receive this important information in a timely manner, WAOW limits its list of closings and delays to these high-priority organizations.  With rare exceptions, we cannot accept or report closings or delays from entities that do not meet the criteria noted above.
  • In order to maintain security and ensure accuracy, organizations must enroll in the WAOW Closings and Delay Network before their information can be reported.  Closings and delay information will not be accepted via telephone or regular e-mail.  If your organization would like to join the network, CLICK HERE for more information.   
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