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State of the Union: Congressman Duffy reacts

WASHINGTON, DC (PRESS RELEASE)--U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy issued the following statement (Tuesday), reacting to the President's State of the Union address to Congress: 

"I was encouraged by the tone of the President's speech, and hopeful about his promise to finally pivot to job creation. 

"We need to focus like a laser on pro-growth policies that will incentivize investment, promote job creation and get our economy moving again. We need to empower the American entrepreneur and free our small businesses from burdensome federal mandates and regulations. 

"We also need to take serious steps to tackle our nation's deficit and debt problem. There is wide acknowledgment that our current fiscal path is unsustainable and we need to take action if we want to preserve the American Dream for future generations. 

"As we continue the public debate on how to get our economy moving again, create jobs and put our country on the path to prosperity, I am committed to working in a respectful and bipartisan way  to enact policies that will work for Wisconsin and the American People."

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