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Lincoln Co. police crack down on speeders

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LINCOLN COUNTY (WAOW) -- In a world where nobody wants to be late, people resort to putting the pedal to the metal. Drivers race and officers chase. And even though times change, speeders don't show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

"I can remember 35 years ago doing the exact same thing," said Bob Breidenbach. "People speeding. They were going too fast then and they're going too fast now."

Even Breidenbach, a former police officer, admits sometimes he's just in a hurry.

"I had a brand new Harley Davidson," said Breidenbach. "I was going down Highway 17 way too fast and I got pulled over, got a tag. Deserved it."

And current police officers agree.

"People are going to speed pretty much where ever they want," said Lincoln County 911 Administrator Mark Handlin.

Lincoln County police said speed was not a factor in the accident that killed a woman two weeks ago. But last year they handed out hundreds of speeding tickets along county roads, including 99 warnings or citations on Highway 64, which is where that accident happened.

Officers also gave out 238 on Highway 51, 129 on Highway 17 and 20 on Highway 107.

In Lincoln County, officers said on average more than half of traffic stops end with them handing out tickets.

"People typically don't drive the speed limit," said Handlin. "Whether it's on a state road or the freeway, people tend to push that speed limit a little bit."

"On these roads they speed all the time and they don't care," said Regina Collins, who lives in the area. "People just don't realize, they go too fast and one of these times they're going to hit a kid.

Police said over the past two years, the number of tickets given out has dropped. But they still plan to keep a watchful eye on the streets of Lincoln County.



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