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The Badger State Games continue in Wausau


By Bonnie Shelton

WAUSAU (WAOW)--This weekend hundreds of athletes flocked to Wausau to participate in the Badger State Games. Athletes braved the snow and grabbed their bows to take part in snowshoe racing and archery on Sunday.

Jim Mowak has been snowshoe racing for over 35 years. "There's parts in there where you can literally use your hands to help you along because the hill is so steep," he said of the treacherous course.

Snowshoe racing is definitely a good workout. "I'll probably lose two to three pounds," he said of the 10k race.

If running in snowshoes isn't your thing, archery competitions were also being held a few miles away in Brokaw.

Bowmen and women grabbed their arrows and took part in the animal round Sunday. "The Badger State Games I'm sure exposes the sport of archery to a larger audience than what we typically draw from," said Rib Mountain Bowmen treasurer Tom Bartz.

Vincent Lofquist has been shooting for 35 years. He has won 17 medals at the Badger State Games--12 of them gold.

"You try to strive for that perfect score or that perfect shot every time you draw the bow back," he said.

A whole new set of competitions start up next weekend. For a complete list including locations and times, check out the official website here.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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