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Chaos, fighting on Cairo streets


CAIRO (AP) -- There have been scenes of chaos and pitched fighting today in the streets of Cairo, as thousands of supporters of President Hosni Mubarak clash with the anti-government protesters who have taken to the streets for more than a week.

Some of the Mubarak supporters rode horses and camels through the crowd, using whips on anti-government protesters. Some of the protesters dragged the attackers off their horses, throwing them to the ground and beating their faces bloody.

About 3,000 Mubarak supporters broke through a human chain of anti-government protesters trying to defend the thousands gathered in a central square.

The fighting escalated into outright street battles. The two sides tore up stones from the street and a nearby construction site, and began throwing debris at each other. Gunfire rang out as some soldiers fired in the air in an attempt to control the crowd.

Scores of wounded were carried to a makeshift clinic at a mosque near the square and on side streets.

Army troops haven't intervened. Many took shelter inside or behind their armored vehicles. When protesters asked them to step in, they said they had no orders to do so.

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