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Snow in Milwaukee can stall mail in Wausau


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Many Wausau roads look fine, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's a clear path for delivering mail.

"When the weather hits the cities, its certainly a concern that mail deliveries are delayed and bills don't get where they need to go on time," said Glenn Ernst.

Ernst said whether he's sending or expecting mail, he wants to make sure it gets there.

"There is a lot of miscellaneous mail and it sees like junk mail but the important things you want them to get there on time," said Ernst.

Sometimes snow across the state can delay anything coming to your mailbox.

"It shows a little bit of a domino effect," said Marge Oehlke, the Wisconsin spokesperson for USPS. "When Milwaukee has roads that are impassable then of course there will be a slight delay in getting that mail out of the Milwaukee area to all of the outlying areas, including

Oehlke said ten thousand workers keep mail flowing between more than five million people who live in the state.

"We anticipate mail to be transported to locations as soon as possible," said Oehlke. "As the roads become passable we know the mail must go through."

"I'm glad that the postal service is doing everything they can to get the mail out there," said Ernst.

Ernst said even when roads fill with snow, he trusts the mail carriers to do what they do best.

"They have several hundred years of experience so I think they do a pretty good job," said Ernst.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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