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Frozen dog rescued by Humane Society

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MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- A viewer called Newsline 9 and said she found a dog frozen and stuck to her daughter's driveway but still alive. Police took the dog to the Humane Society for care and it is doing just fine.

"She just shook," said Marsha Otto. "She wouldn't stop shaking."

Otto owns two dogs and when her daughter found another one frozen, stuck to the driveway outside her home, she couldn't believe it.

"Being such a big animal lover, I was just like, who could let their dog out and not worry about why didn't the dog come back and start looking for the dog," said Otto.

Her daughter cut the dog free with scissors and brought her inside to warm up. They called the sheriff's department and the Humane Society.

"The public becomes the voice for these animals when they see them," said Mary Kirlin, who works with the Marathon County Humane Society. "And surprisingly a lot of people do step forward with this."

Kirlin said the dog is fine now, but it's not unusual to get calls this time of year about animals who get left out in the cold.

"No sweater is warm enough, no house is warm enough outside," said Kirlin. "If you can bring them into your house, that's the best bet."

Even careful owners can see pets slip through the cracks if they don't pay close attention.

"The door can open up, you're bringing in groceries, your bringing in wood or whatever and a pet may just decide to run out in the middle of all this," said Kirlin.

Owners might think long hair insulates cold dogs, but Kirlin said if the hair isn't well-groomed, it could do more harm than good. She said owners should take precautions for pets just like they would for small children.

"We're here to take care of the animal, educate the people try to get them reunited and if there is a problem, try to fix that problem," said Kirlin.

The owner has come forward to claim the dog.

The Marathon County Humane Society takes color pictures of each animal they take in and they post all of those to their website. You can find their website by clicking here.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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