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Class of the Week: Tomahawk Beat for Peace class


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TOMAHAWK (WAOW) -- A special group of fifth graders at Tomahawk Elementary combine drumming with an important message and share it with their fellow classmates.

The class is called Beat for Peace.  Music teacher, Kristi Anderson, brought it to the school this year.  It's designed to help kinds learn, feel confident in their abilities, and be a resilient person.  It's co-taught by Anderson and the school's counselor Mary Ingman. 

They teach the kids under a simple motto: Listen, Focus, Respect.

Taylor Banstrydunk, a Beat for Peace student says, "Listen is for; listen to our teachers. Respect is for; respect everybody and focus is for; focus on our school work."

But it's about more than that.  The kids were required, at the beginning of the school year, to sign a contract.  It states they'll take the motto and apply it to their everyday lives.

Ingman says, "These are life long skills, things that we're asking them to use in their group here, but we want them to take them out into their classroom, into their walks of life with them, into their community, into their families, into their relationships."

And they're doing just that. Kameron Jach says, "Like, when you're at home on the weekends, you can listen to anybody like your parents or your brothers and sisters.  You can also, for respect, you can respect everybody all the time.  You can also, basically for focus, you should focus all the time."

Their ability to listen, respect and focus and their ability to create one heck of a beat makes the Beat for Peace fifth graders Class of the Week.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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