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Packers fan saved by cheesehead in Texas for Super Bowl


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(ARLINGTON, TEXAS) -- Some fans wear the gear, even paint their faces. But here in Wisconsin, we back the Pack by wearing cheeseheads. Little did one super fan know, when the unthinkable happened, his life would be spared by a foam chunk of cheese.

Frank Emmert's life motto: Everything's better with a little cheese on top. It seems being a Packer fan saved his life.

"You have to stop and think about it sometimes because it happened so long ago, but it's like reliving it everytime that we talk about it," explained Emmert.

Back in 1995 he was flying his plane home to Superior after going to see a Packers-Browns game in Cleveland. In the skies over Stevens Point he lost power, and crashed 900 feet to the ground. The reason Frank survived is the little yellow life-saver next to the wreckage.

"As soon as we lost power and we dipped our nose," Emmert told Newsline 9 back in November 1995. "We knew we were going in. I grabbed it on my face and covered up."

Shortly after the accident, Foamation, the company that makes the cheesehead got in contact with Frank. Ever since, he's been traveling the country, talking to Packers fans about the cheesy headgear that saved his life.

"When we travel down to Tampa Bay we call it Lambeau Field south," Emmert said. "And we go out to our friends in Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium. We had a riot with all of them."

After appearances on national news and TV shows, Emmert has been to countless games and three Super Bowls.

"Of course winning the Super Bowl, bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay was really nice," he said.

Now he's hoping to do it again. Emmert's in north Texas, and while he doesn't have tickets for the big game, he's just glad to be in such good company.

"We're running around looking for tickets, but if not, we'll just go to the local Packer bars and have a little bit of fun with all the fans."

Emmert still carries the life-saving cheesehead with him on all of his trips. But this time around --he drove to Dallas. Telling Newsline 9, "I still fly but with the storm coming, we don't want to make any more news than we have to."

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