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Creating an ice castle in the Northwoods

As the winter can be king in the Northwoods it was "King Winter" in 1927 that started a cool tradition in the Eagle River.

"My family, my grandfather purchased the ice business in 1922 and shortly after they started building ice castles in Eagle River." shares Jack Thomas, the designer since 1984

Jack Thomas and his grandfather are the only two designers of the Ice Castle in the cities history. Using 75 lb ice blocks from the local Silver Lake he and the local fire department create an ice masterpiece.

In early winter over 100 volunteers take 3000 blocks and transform them into an amazing ice sculpture.

"Everybody works hard to get it done and they are very very proud to be apart of building it and they are very very proud to say we help build the ice castle and they can just say how many years they've done it its kind of a family tradition for alot of people." Conrad Heeg, Executive Director of the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce. 

This is Jacks 27th year designing the sculpture but for him its just everyday work.

"Its just normal reaction for me I don't think a lot about it I just do it. Its fun to watch it go up and the end product is unreal." Thomas expresses.

Tourists come from all over to see the history and magic of the castle dating back to 1927, and like mother nature helps to build it, it also effectives its durability.

"The one thing you never know is how long the is going to last each years because its weather dependent" explains Heeg.

Online Reporter: Kristen Connolly, Newsline 9

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