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Travel headaches: Dallas snow cancels flights full of Packer fans

MADISON (WQOW) -- Another winter blast has forced Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to cancel hundreds of flights just two days before Super Bowl XLV.

That means many Packer fans will have to find another way to get to the game. Thursday, things were getting back to normal at Dane County Regional Airport after our own winter blast this week. Friday, all flights were on time except the one direct flight to Dallas forcing fans to figure out a plan B.

Thursday, Dean Hein thought he was heading to Dallas but not before a big scare this morning.

Hein says, "We were at home busily packing and my brother in law from Dallas called and said did you look at your flight status? and I go no. He goes, it's been canceled."

American Flight 3313 was canceled due to weather in Dallas. That's when the panic set in for fans trying to get to the big game.

Tom Wunderlin and his buddy bought their tickets to the Super Bowl last week. Now, mother nature is the only thing standing in their way.

Wunderlin says, "We woke up this morning and went to check in and couldn't check in so I found out our direct flight at 2:30 has been canceled so now it looks like we're driving to Chicago."

They were re-booked on a flight from Chicago through St. Louis getting into Dallas Fort Worth at 6:40 p.m. Friday, only a couple hours later than planned.

Wunderlin says, "As long as we get there we'll be okay."

While they're off to Chicago, Hein will head to Milwaukee in hopes of getting on a flight to Dallas first thing Saturday morning.

Hein says, "They tried to get us out today yet through Chicago and I wouldn't be able to get to Chicago in time so we're booked leaving out of Milwaukee at 7 a.m. Saturday getting into Dallas at 2:00 p.m. so we'll go right to the pep rally."

Hein doesn't have tickets to the game, but you can bet he will be waving that Packer flag as soon as he touches down in Dallas.

Hein says, "Even though we can't get out Friday, we'll be there Saturday. The day before the Super Bowl. Go Pack Go."

There were 50 seats on that Dallas flight and it was full. The flight agent says anyone trying to get to Dallas will have to drive to Chicago because they're still backed up trying to help those travelers that couldn't get out on Wednesday.

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