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Potholes cause nightmares for winter drivers


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MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- Potholes seem to pop up everywhere. They're common late in the winter season and Marathon County leaders use about 300 tons of asphalt each year to fill those gaps.

They're the things that make your car go bump in the night -- or even in broad daylight.

"It's an unexpected thing that you're not planning on," said Yolanda Voigt. "It's just a little bump in the road."

Either way, in late winter months, potholes become problems no matter where you turn or what you drive.

"You can feel it especially in the smaller cars," said Gary Scharping.

When it comes down to it, science stands behind this patchy problem.

"The water gets below the surface of the road, freezes at night, expands and pops the loose asphalt," said Marathon County Highway Foreman Russ Greveen.

Experts call it the "freeze and thaw" cycle. And even though more than 60 county workers scour the streets for damage on a daily basis, some of the cracks just won't go away.

"Potholes are a reoccurring thing and they're patching them every day," said Greveen.

Some drivers said potholes force them to be more careful when they're out on the roads.

"You do have to check your front end after you go through them," said Scharping "You have to check them and usually things have happened and have to get fixed because of them."

But others said it just comes with the territory.

"If you notice them, you try to go around them," said Voigt. "But it's just a fact of being in Wisconsin. We love Wisconsin so we put up with it."

Transportation leaders said if you notice potholes, you can report them to the county or city public works department.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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