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Nasonville Elementary Named Class of the Week



By Alex Haight - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) -- Sixth grade students at Nasonville Elementary in Marshfield love their pets.

That's why Emily Krug and her sixth grade class have taken on several projects to raise money for both the Clark and Northwood County Humane Society. Krug says she went to her students for ideas to raise money, and they hit the ground running.

Krug says, "One thing that they decided to do this year was to have an animal drive. And for the animal drive, they have brought in stuffed animals that they didn't want anymore; gently used ones to sell to other kids in our building. It was a great success. They raised over $400 doing that."

Krug credits her students for their hard work on the Christmas benefit concert, saying they spent countless hours rehearsing so they could put on a good production. They raised $600 that night, raising their total to $1,000.

Students say they appreciate the work of employees at humane societies. 6th grader Michael Marek says, "With all the animals they have there, we just feel that it's just right to give back for what they've been doing for the animals."

Krug and her students say they have no intention of stopping their charitable efforts. They are brainstorming for their next project now. Their teamwork and generosity makes them Wake Up Wisconsin's Class of the Week.


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