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PRESS RELEASE: Statement from Senator Bob Jauch


MADISON (PRESS RELEASE)--I am deeply disturbed that Governor Walker has chosen to treat public employees as the evil empire by attacking collective bargaining. Public employees have not caused the current economic crisis and should not be used as a fall guy. The Governor's choice to unleash dictatorial power in order to pick a fight with unions defies the character of Wisconsin.

Negotiation can, has, and will work. Public employees have been agreeing to major concessions including acceptance of increased contributions to their health care benefits. Local governments want to keep working with their employees, while this Governor clearly does not. It is sadly apparent that he is using the deficit as a ruse to destroy workers rights. This legislation should be named the Worker Rights Retribution Act. Governor Walker is doing this because his ultimate goal is to get even with the unions.

We all share a desire to solve our fiscal challenges, but retribution to the men and women who provide basic services in Wisconsin is a cynical political stunt that is harmful to the people of this state. The governor is showing disrespect to the dedicated service of state employees.

Last week during the blizzard thousands of State employees showed up for work even though the buildings and roads were closed because they are committed to their jobs. The decent thing for Governor Walker to do is to sit down with public employee unions, treat them with respect, and develop a mutual cooperative agreement. That is the Wisconsin way of solving problems.

For Immediate Release

February 11, 2011

Contact: Senator Jauch

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