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Gliding the stone passed the hog line.

The sport of curling has been around for centuries, dating back to the 1500's in Scotland.  With the Wausau Curling Club claims its origins in the 1920s.

Curlers in Wausau used to play on tennis courts and frozen lakes.  The Wausau Curling Club's website says it began with 49 members. Today, they've grown to more than 300.

Get in the hack, forward press, trunk lift, and let your momentum glide the stone passed the hog line.  This lingo may not make common sense to the average person but to a curler it is just the basics in making the perfect throw.      

"It's very much like a little chess match on ice, throw a little hockey in there without the checking, and some sweeping, you don't have to be a great physical specimen to curl," explained the President of the Wausau Curling Club, Scott Campbell.

With the Olympics bringing awareness to the sport, the Wausau Curling Club wants to continue to teach and expand their membership, especially to women.

 "Actually, historically we used to have a very very strong women membership, one of the strongest in the country, so we are trying to regain that by doing certain programs," Scott O'Keefe, Director of Membership for the WCC clarified.

Being a novice, I decided to give it a whirl. First I had to get a feel for the ice.

The first try for me, I learned how slippery a "slider" can be, that meant falling on the ice.

With a few extra tips, and a few practice shots, I learned third time is a charm.

Then I received congrats from my instructors. And after the perfect shot I received more than a high five.

"Sportsmanship is the greatest asset to us there is no high fiving in curling we shake hands when we start and wish each other a good game and when were done tell each other you've had a great game whether they did or not," said Campbell.   

I may have not had a great game, but I sure had a lot of fun and to them that is most important.

"Curling is actually two parts there is the game and then there is the afterwards social. so we come down and spend about two hours curling then afterwards will have a dinner, sit down have some social drinks, and just sitting down talking about the game and what happened during the week, things like that, that's probably the funniest part for me," said O'Keefe.

The Curling Club is always looking for new members and love to teach their sport.  They hold open houses every fall but will teach anyone who is interested all winter.

For more information on the club you can log on to their website, or find them on facebook.

Online Reporter:Kristen Connolly


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