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High school students support teachers by walking out

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WESTON (WAOW) -- Students said they walked out of school to support their teachers but some of them were disobeying their teachers by doing it.


Not rain or snow or even fog could keep students from Merrill High School from showing their support for their teachers. Students left the high school at 11 AM and walked back and forth along Sales Street.

"I'm here to support the rest of the teachers and state employees," said Merrill High School junior Elise Ordemann.

Merrill School administrators stood outside while the students made their demonstration, saying they were proud of the way they put this project together. Students worked with school leaders to coordinate their efforts, planning to protest during the biggest lunch hour and then return to class.

DC Everest High School students had a similar plan, but with different results. Students said they wore red to support their teachers but school leaders said they broke the rules by walking out instead of going to class.

"We're protesting Scott Walker's budget bill to support our teachers against the tax cuts," said DC Everest senior Nick Marvin.

DC Everest High school administrators said they provided an opportunity for students to have a peaceful sit-in during their lunch hour and made announcements about possible repercussions if students disobeyed.

"Consequences aren't important as long as we stand up for what is right," said Marvin.

Merrill school leaders said they've never seen students come together for a cause like this before. Students said they're glad to join a political movement and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

"I think it's nice to see all the students come together and join for a cause," said Ordemann.

DC Everest school leaders said they haven't decided what the consequences would be for the students who skipped class, but said those students were given unexcused absences.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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