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What do local people think about the protests in Madison?


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- In politics, everyone has a right to their opinion. And in cases like Govorner Scott Walker's budget bill, it seems everyone has one.

"I'm torn between it all," said Carrie Kochan. "It's a definite hard decision to make."

It's a controversial and confusing bill raising a lot of questions.

"If they just took a break and slowed it down and really explained to everybody what's going on," said Nate Greenwood. "I think a lot of people would be happier."

"Is it all about money?" asked Carrie Schultz. "I don't want this to be about teachers going into work to get a paycheck and benefits. Are they really there to teach children lessons in life?"

"It's trying to strip the collective bargaining rights from public unions," explained Robert Riordan. "I think that's really an issue because public education is really the backbone of our economy."

A lot of people were telling Newsline 9 they realize the importance of teachers, but feel compromises by everyone should be made.

 "The businesses and all of the communities around have had to do cuts and losses on everything," Kochan said. "As far as the teachers go, maybe they should do a little bit to help as well."

"If I walked out of my job," Schultz commented. "And all the Registered Nurses walked out, then where would we be? There'd would be an economic crisis if we did that."

Out of everyone's opinions, there was one consensus. Things in the Capitol can't keep going the way they have over the last few days.

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