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Rep. Seidel statement on Assembly Floor action


MADISON (PRESS RELEASE) – This evening at the State Capitol, Assembly Republicans took unprecedented actions to obstruct democracy.  In violation of decades of Assembly decorum, they attempted to take a vote that may have been in violation of state open records laws by refusing Democrats the opportunity to get to the floor.

All representatives received an e-mail from Rep. Sunder stating that Assembly floor action would resume at 5pm (attached), but at approximately 4:56 Republicans began the quorum call and proceeded to pass two amendments.  At 4:59, as Democrats rushed to the floor shouting vigorous objections, Republicans engrossed the bill, meaning it could no longer be amended.  Republicans refused to turn on the microphones of Democratic members who were trying desperately to object to the actions on the floor.

Eventually Republicans rescinded their action so that amendments can be offered.  Shortly after that decision, the Assembly session was adjourned until 10 a.m. Tuesday, February 22nd

"After a week of trying to stifle the overwhelming voice of the opposition, the Republicans took their actions one step further by trampling on the democratic process to get their way," said Rep. Seidel (D – Wausau).  "This is an absolutely despicable and possibly illegal action, and the people of Wisconsin deserve better.  Republicans tried to rush through a bill that would undo over 50 years of labor history in our state.  We will now have the opportunity to debate this bill as is should be in the people's house when we return next week."

"The sights and sounds of the past few days are like nothing I have ever experienced.  I am so proud of the people who have come from all over our great state to make sure their voice is heard."

NOTE:  To watch the video of the floor proceedings follow this Wisconsin Eye link: 

02.18.11 Assembly Floor Session (Part 4)

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