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Braving the elements to raise sheep


Texas Dolls, Black Hawaiians, and Painted Deserts, are all breeds of sheep at a Northwoods farm. 

Paul and Judy Canik ran a Christmas tree farm and wreath making business most of their lives, but during retirement they decided to venture on a different path. 

Park Falls may be the Ruffed Grouse Capital of the World, but just up the road in Butternut one farm could likely be called the Sheep Capital. 

"About 35 down there, then here 30 black Hawaiians over here, 30 black Hawaiians over and 50 little rams over there," explains Paul Canik. 

As a retirement venture Paul and Judy Canik decided to start raising sheep. 

"About four years ago we were down in Texas and a friend of ours had some sheep and Paul them and he said I have to have them and I said no. And he said well just 20," says Judy Canik, Paul's wife. 

What started as 20 sheep has eventually grown to almost 600 according to the couple. And it is not easy work.

"We are always trying to do things a little more convenient and get done a little sooner cause most days we are out till dark," says Judy.

 One of the challenges is raising babies which have to be bottle feed every 3 hours but to Judy it creates a special bond.

 "They never forget you, I mean there your children like, and they just follow you everywhere."

 Long days braving every type of weather Mother Nature throws at them is challenging but they love sharing their new interest and do it because the love it. 

 "Its just enjoyable." Says Paul. 

Here is a link to their webiste.

Online Reporter: Kristen Connolly


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