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Snowfall hit 13" mark in Merrill


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MERRILL (WAOW) -- Flurries flew through Merrill this weekend, with some reporting up to 13 inches of total accumulation. 

"Every Wisconsinite knows, cleaning the snow off the cars in your driveway can be a pain," said Stark Automotive sales consultant Ryan Hubacek.

If you think digging your car out in the morning is rough, imagine that times a hundred. That's what workers at Stark Automotive did, scraping snow and ice off nearly 200 cars.

"We have a blast out here cleaning off the cars especially in below zero temperatures like it is today," said Hubacek.

With two plows and a lot of helping hands, workers said it can take between four and five hours to take care of every vehicle.

Cliff and Decoma Austin work together to take care of their neighbors and help plow them out.

"I enjoy it," said Cliff. "I don't have a pick-up but it's good enough for me."

With Cliff taking care of the big drifts and Decoma working the edges, they make an unstoppable duo.

"If someone doesn't tell us we just look out the window and we get it," said Decoma.

On this snow day, they enjoy spending time together before heading back inside for something warm.

Although most of the damage was done this weekend, the flurries keep falling and the powder keeps piling up.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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