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Sen. Holperin reacts to recall efforts


  By Heather Sawaski - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

WISCONSIN (WAOW) -- The 14 Wisconsin senators who left the state to prevent a vote on the Governor's bill remain in hiding Tuesday. Some say they've received threats, others are the focus of recall efforts.

One of those lawmakers is Senator Jim Holperin of Eagle River. A group in the Northwoods has filed documents to begin the process of recalling the Senator, telling us they're angry over his absence from the Capitol.

We were able to reach Senator Holperin by phone Tuesday afternoon. He would not disclose his current location, but said it is the people's right to recall an elected official.

"This is a tool people have available to them to use if they feel that it is proper," Sen. Holperin explained. "And people are using it. And it's not just me. There are threatened recalls against legislators of both parties who are eligible to be recalled."

At least 8 Wisconsin lawmakers are facing threats of recall.

Holperin survived a recall back in 1990 when he served in the Wisconsin Assembly. The Northwoods group exploring his current recall said they will start circulating petitions, trying to collect 15,000 signatures over the next few weeks.

We also asked Sen. Holperin who is footing the bill for the democrats extended stay out of state. He said each Senator is paying his or her own food, lodging, and mileage. He insists none of it is coming from the taxpayers.

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