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Newsline 9 Athlete of the Week: Cookle leads Tigerton turnaround


 By Sean Giggy - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

(WAOW) - The Tigerton boys' basketball team has 13 more wins than it did a season ago

and all it took was a simple position change for junior Tony Cookle.

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Last season, Tony Cookle was the point guard for a Tigerton team that finished the year 2-21. Flash forward one season: Cookle is now the go to man in the post and the result, the Tigers have 15 wins and have secured a two seed for the playoffs

"I realized with his jumping ability that he didn't need to be our point guard, so I made someone else be our point guard this year and I moved Tony down inside and he attacks the hoop a lot more this year," Tigerton head coach Nick Desrochers said.

"I'm not so comfortable shooting outside," Cookle said. "I'm more comfortable inside because I'm one of the bigger guys in this conference so I can really do a lot more down there."

Cookle wasn't even an all-conference honorable mention last season, but this year he leads the C-W-C in rebounding, is fourth in scoring and is the only player in the conference averaging a double double.

"Last year I didn't do so well and this year I just came and practiced over the summer," Cookle said. "I'm down low now, so when our guys miss, I'm cleaning up their rebounds."

By helping turn the Tigers from a 2-win team to a serious playoff contender, Cookle is proud of how far they've come and excited for the postseason.

"I expected to do better, yeah, but I wasn't really expecting to do this good this year," Cookle added. "I hope we can win the rest of our regular season games and then I hope we can go as far as we can in playoffs, have a good year."

"He's having a lot more fun this year than he did last year because last year we were 2-21 for the season and this year we're already 15-6, so it's like he sees the potential in everybody on the team."


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