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Marching for rights in Marshfield

By Bonnie Shelton

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--People rallied in Marshfield Sunday to show their disapproval for the budget repair bill. Union workers, teachers and representatives gathered at city hall around 1 p.m.

Some ralliers traveled hours to attend the rally, saying they wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with union workers fighting to make their disapproval known.

Young people even took to the streets to support the cause.

"I'm here because my mom's a teacher," said 8-year-old Rhiannon.

Teacher April Sparbel said she's willing to contribute more towards her pension and healthcare, but not give up her bargaining rights. "I am more than willing to pay towards my healthcare, that is not the problem here its the fact their taking away our collective bargaining rights."

Union workers weren't the only ones making a statement. A smaller group of Walker supporters stood by.

Dennis Ross said, "I don't believe in what they say. I don't think what they're doing is right. I think they should think for themselves."

He said he believes it's time for sacrifice, and that concessions are needed to repair the budget.

Both sides said they are committed to standing up for themselves, and will continue to pound the pavement.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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