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Small schools worry about big budget cuts

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EDGAR (WAOW) -- Walker's budget proposal calls for nearly $900 million dollars to move away from Wisconsin's educational system, so small schools could have to deal with big cuts.

Students at Edgar High School work together to find solutions to tricky math problems. They balance out equations, a smaller scale of what Governor Walker has been doing for Wisconsin's state budget.

"It could affect the whole landscape of Wisconsin and the kids that go to school here will receive a different education," said Edgar High School Senior Jeff Raymond.

Walker's proposed budget includes millions of dollars worth of cuts to educational funding, hitting some smaller schools hard.

"When you have a small school there's only one or two people in the whole department," said Edgar engineering teacher, Jerry Sinz. "If you have to cut somebody you basically cut that subject area, you cut the whole department."

Students like Raymond said they're sad to see cuts to practical programs, like technology and business, where he said he gets real-life experience.

"To take them away is stealing education from the students," said Raymond.

Teachers said their biggest concern over the past few weeks has been over the lack of information: knowing cuts loom on the horizon but now knowing when, or how many, would actually need to be made.

"Getting the budget out yesterday, schools are going to have a better idea where cuts are coming and how much is going to have to be cut," said Edgar social studies teacher Dean Wucherer.

Teachers at small schools said they will have to work harder at something they've already been doing for years -- doing more with less. And students said they hope Walker's bill opens people's eyes to see what the state really needs.

"The students of Wisconsin are going to be the citizens of Wisconsin someday," said Raymond. "So you're affecting our future, probably in a negative way."

Other cuts mentioned in Walker's budget include science, technology and engineering departments, as well as AP programs and drug prevention. But Walker said some of the cuts will be offset by his budget repair bill.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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