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Budget repair bill could impact health care


WAUSAU (WAOW)-- Another area impacted by budget cuts is health care. In what the Governor calls an effort to slow state healthcare cost increases, Walker's bill tightens eligibility standards for Medicaid programs.  That move could potentially cut state health care benefits to as many as 55,000 Wisconsin residents, potentially more. Local health care officials say that could be potentially devastating to families in Northcentral Wisconsin.

"It's a question of what priorities are and in these tough economic times, I think working people are one of those priorities. It can be about jobs, jobs, jobs. I'm not sure it is," said Lon Newman of Family Planning.

According to Governor Walker's budget the state would save an estimated $90 million in state funds over two years. Walker calls his budget "common sense focused changes that will allow the state to bend to cost curve on Medicaid."

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