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March Jefferson Award Winner: Brian Sackmann


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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- March's Jefferson Award winner is Brian Sackmann from Weston, who started a group called Team Ready. Members of the group met while helping out at a boy scout camp and now that they've grown up, they volunteer their time to benefit various charities in the area.

Sackmann met other Team Ready members years ago and said they enjoy spending time together, regardless of what they end up doing.

"We originally used it as an excuse to get together to have fun," said Sackmann. "Then we decided, while we're doing this, let's help people at the same time."

The group does a lot of fundraising and charity work for different groups around Wausau. And Sackmann said they just do it whenever they have time to spare.

"We all have jobs too," said Sackmann. "We all have the rest of our lives and this is something that we do in addition to it."

"I had known Brian for several years before I realized what Team Ready was and had absolutely no idea that this is what he did in his spare time," said David Crabill, who nominated Sackmann for the award.

Crabill met Sackmann at a softball tournament years ago and his admiration of him has grown ever since.

"He's a big family guy," said Crabill. "He's just one of those all around good guys, great guy to hang around with."

Since 2005, Team Ready has raised and given out more than $27,000 and put more than 5,000 man-hours into their volunteering efforts. One of their upcoming events, the annual softball tournament, raises money for different organizations every year. And Sackmann said anyone, and everyone, can help out in their community.

"People say, I don't know anything about softball, I don't play softball," said Sackmann. "You know how to flip a burger. Can you do that? Can you take money from someone and give them a candy bar?"

If you want to find more information about Team Ready, you can go to this website. The Jefferson Awards are sponsored by Marshfield Clinic.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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