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Medford woman reports phone scam to police


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MEDFORD (WAOW) -- Kristen Vaughn says it all started five days ago when a call came into her cell phone. Her caller id showed 0-0-0-0. So, she didn't pick up.

"It was a company saying that they were called ICI, internet crime investigations. The caller said that I had gotten something on the internet and that I did not pay for it. They wanted a check from me right away for $451. If I didn't pay it, they would have me arrested, and it would cost me over $3000," said Vaughn.

Vaughan blew off the call, but a few days later it became hard to ignore.

"I actually got about 10 phone calls right in a row from them, and the messages started getting more and more serious and a little more threatening," she said.

Here's a portion of one of them.

"Christine, I'm feeling bad toward you. You get arrested. Your bad day starts. You will cry. Oh, my God."

The scammer left a call back number for Vaughan to contact him. An online search shows hundreds of hits on that number from others who've gotten similar messages. The Medford Police Department says they get about three complaints per week about scams.

Police say there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Never give out credit card or personal information over the phone. Ask for the information or offer in writing. Don't be afraid to hang up the phone. And, report anything suspicious to police. This isn't the first time Vaughan has been target by a scam. She went to police to warn others.

"I've actually gotten letters in the mail that say, you know, you can have $10,000 if you send us a $3,000 check. It is a scam, and I know there are people out there that fall for it," she said.

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