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Class of the Week: MHLT 2/3 Multiage

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MINOCQUA (WAOW) -- This group of second and third graders put a little extra love into Valentine's Day and brightened the spirits of hospitalized children.

The 2/3 Multi Age Class at MHLT Elementary school in Minocqa took a cue from on of their classmates this Valentine's Day by donating coloring books and making Valentine's Day cards for sick kids at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Third grader Krystyl Manke came up with the idea after learning about her brother.

She says, "My brother pretty much lived in the hospital when he was younger.  So, I thought I should put smiles on other kids faces."

Jeremy was born with a rare disease that required twenty-four surgeries before his eighteenth birthday.  When Krystyl found out he spent much of his time in his hospital room bored, she wanted to change that.

Krystyl's mom, Sherry volunteers in her classroom every week.  She says, "She actually came up with it all on her own because they sit there.  She asked me about her brother and what did he do when he was in the hospital and there's really nothing.  Certain people can't even leave their rooms.  So, she wanted to do something that they could do in their rooms."

Sherry knows how much the donation meant to the children in the hospital.  She was lucky enough to drop off it off.

"One little boy was in the hallway when I delivered the books and his eyes just lit up."

In total the class donated coloring books to 60 kids with a wide range of illnesses, one they can't imagine.

Third grader, Max Broderick says, "I really wanted my coloring book to go to a kid with cancer.  I thought it would put a smile on their face to tell that someone actually cared about them."

And that makes the 2/3 multiage class at MHLT Class of the Week.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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