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Largest wolf pack ever spotted in Wisconsin

According to the DNR, last fall two local Rhinelander men saw the largest wolf pack in Wisconsin. What was a normal day bear hunting close to home turned into an extraordinary sight for the Dr. Race Foster and his son Tristan.

Look closely at the video above, and you'll see nature at it's most playful. Wolves ,more than a dozen of them frolicking freely in a field outside Rhinelander.

This video was captured by two men with a different game in mind.

"We, basically my son and I, were out and we were down hunting bear," explains Dr. Race Foster.

Dr Race Foster is a well known veterinarian in Rhinelander, he and his son, Tristan, were hunting just South near Pelican Lake. It was last fall just before dark.

"I looked across in the field and I said to my son there is a deer over there and I pulled out my binoculars and there was a lone wolf and then it was followed in by 12 more." said Foster.

Dr Foster says the wolves didn't notice them, he and his son, camouflaged just 300 yards away.

"There were alot of young wolves in this pack and they were playing amongst themselves much like puppies."

Dr Foster says he's hunted all over the country, but never seen anything like this. The woods he says often show signs of wolves and one or two sometimes cross his path. But a pack of 13, the largest ever sighted in Wisconsin, still six months later, he is still in awe of the experience.

"It is a sight you could live your whole life in the woods and never see."

Online Reporter:Kristen Connolly


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