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Ice shanty removal begins on Lake Wausau

By Bonnie Shelton

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)--With the temperatures set to warm up, it's time to remove your ice shanty.

Packing up and moving out.It may not be a speedy process, but it has to be done.

Lake Wausau Lake Association President Bill Goetz said it's worth your while to remove your shack. That's because Sunday is the deadline to take it off the ice before the DNR does it for you...for a price.

"The DNR actually imposes a fine and its about 213 dollars plus time and materials for taking the shack off," he said.

Some people spent the afternoon Saturday removing their shanties, while others spent the final hours of the season trying to catch one last bite.

Veolia donated a dumpster to the Rookery Park location to help speed up the clean up process.

The Lake Association will be on-site Sunday to help clean up trash. Goetz said if you are unable to remove your shanty by Sunday night, you should contact the DNR to make other arrangements.

The deadline applies to inland waters south of highway 64.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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