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Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller statement


MADISON (PRESS RELEASE)--Statement by Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller:

"The people of Wisconsin have spoken loudly and clearly over these last three weeks.

"They oppose Governor Walker and the legislative Republican's radical overreach that uses a budget repair bill as an excuse to try to strip workers of their rights and make a power grab that endangers health insurance for working families and helps seniors afford their prescription drugs.

"They also want their elected leaders to reach a reasonable compromise that moves their state forward.

"Unfortunately, the response from the Governor and Republican leaders has been to declare at press conferences that there is ‘zero flexibility' on the bill in question.

 "Senate Democrats remain united in our fight to protect the priorities of the people of Wisconsin and committed to showing the kind of responsible leadership necessary to get the job done. 

"We have made numerous attempts to reach out to Republicans. I have personally called Senator Fitzgerald and the Governor and his office on a regular basis but have not received return calls.

"I would hope as we move forward the Governor and Republican leaders will spend less time at press conferences and more time on the phone or at meetings pursuing a resolution to our differences."

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