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Pro-union, Pro-Walker ads flood TV screens

By Bonnie Shelton

WAUSAU (WAOW)--Chances are, you've seen the multitude of ads both in support of and against the Governor and his budget plans.

Some people in Wausau believe the ads are a tool to better understand Scott Walker's plans, others just try to tune them out.

"I watch a fair amount of TV and I've seen some of the ads about Scott Walker and his budget," said Sheri Kreager.

The Governor's budget was a hot topic between the shelves of the Marathon County Library. The question is, do the ads work? Are they a tool to sway public opinion, or simply a way to further alienate the general public?

Howard Klueter said they don't sway him at all. "The TV ads, they don't cause me to change my opinion in the slightest."

But on the other hand, some do see them as a way of gaining insight into the situation. "Some of the commercials make me want to find out more information, but others its like ok, I've seen this one before," said Kreager.

Either way, they're hard to ignore, and we're still nowhere close to a final chapter when it comes to the budget.

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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