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Budget bill causes debate within some families

By Mike Haberle - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MARSHFIELD (WAOW) -- The budget repair bill divides Republicans, Democrats, and many other groups, but it may be dividing some family members and friends.

Newsline 9 spoke with several people at Wood Ridge Mall in Marshfield to see how the debate impacts their family.

Sheryl Freeman and her son Adam believe the bill is a bad idea, and there are too many cuts to education.

"I don't like the budget bill, because it's going to cut the money from the schools," Adam Freeman said.

"I'm against it also, because people are being laid off. Okay, then they tell us to go back to school to get an education. Where is our education going to be if they cut all this money," Sheryl Freeman said.

Lynn Ballerstein lives in Marshfield. She disagrees with her family on several issues.

"It's very hard when I have six teachers in my family and they're torn. They know the budget has to get fixed, and they're all worried about their jobs," Ballerstein said.

"I try not to," she said, when asked about getting into disagreements with her family about the budget. "They all have kids and families, and they're all struggling just like everybody else."

Most people that disagree with a family member or friend say they have healthy debates and don't let it impact their relationship.

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