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Lawmaker Reaction to Passage of Budget Bill

By Kevin Lu - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook


A hundred miles south of Madison, the 14 missing Democratic state senators expressed outrage at the passing of the bill. 

Newsline 9 spoke with Democratic State Representative Donna Seidel and State Senator Julie Lassa after the news broke.

They both indicated this is not done, and they will fight the legality of this move.

"This surprise attack tonight was the most flagrant abuse of power that we've observed in this last three weeks," Representative Seidel said. 

"I just think it is shameful that they would stoop to taking those types of tactics in order to roll back 50 years of worker rights and protections," St. Sen. Lassa said.  "There will be legal challenges because of all the irregularities and the fact that there are portions of that bill that are just not constitutional."

Governor Walker also released a statement after the vote.  He said, "I applaud the Legislature's action today to stand up to the status quo and take a step in the right direction to balance the budget."

Newsline 9 also reached out to number of elected Republican leaders. 

But they have not yet returned our calls.




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