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Holperin headed back to Conover after three weeks in Illinois

 By Pam Warnke - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook                     With: Katie Rosenberg

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Senator Jim Holperin is one of the Democratic Senators who stayed in Illinois for the last several weeks holding the vote for the budget repair bill at bay. He's now headed home to Conover because he says it's time to get back to work.

For the last three weeks, State Senator Jim Holperin has been staying just south of the Wisconsin border moving from city to city to delay a vote on the controversial budget repair bill.

"We felt the people of the state should know that this provision was in the bill, so we left the state thinking it would be temporary," Sen. Holperin said.

Wednesday night, Republican Senators used a procedural maneuver passing those portions of the bill deemed "non-fiscal." Holperin says that vote killed any chance for compromise.

"I think the Senate vote Wednesday night clearly reveals that what the Governor and the Senate Republicans are most interested in is eliminating the rights of public workers in Wisconsin to organize and to negotiate for working conditions. Now, they've achieved that and attention can focus back on something we needed to do all along and that's balance this year's budget and get us started reducing the deficit over the next two years," said Sen. Holperin.

Senator Holperin says he and other Senate Democrats will be ready for floor debate whenever they're asked to return to session. As for those recall threats, he says it's up to the voters to decide. He survived a recall while serving in the Assembly in the 1990s.

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