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Walker protesters and supporters gather at Wausau Airport

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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- While Governor Scott Walker talked with the media inside the Wausau Airport, supporters and protestors gathered outside. The walls weren't thick enough to block out all the noise from people who came out.

Demonstrators gathered on opposite sides of the parking lot, with Walker supporters on one side and those against him on the other, separated by two thin strips of yellow police tape..

The crowd outside grew, illustrating what Governor Walker said should be happening at a time like this.

"Passion's good," said Walker. "In a democracy, free and open debate is what it's all about. there should be passion."

People protesting Walker said he's taking away rights that have belonged to Wisconsinites for decades.

"This is to destroy the middle class," said Dennis Micoliasen. "This is to destroy all collective bargaining that's been in place since the 1950's and we can't afford to let that happen for the state of Wisconsin."

Walker's supporters said they encourage his budget-balancing plans.

"It's time that people realize that we can no longer sustain their way of life," said Wausau Tea Party leader Meg Ellefson. "They have to be willing to give something up."

The Gov's ralliers may not have made as much noise as their upset counterparts, but they said they're just as interested on the situation that continues to unravel at the Capitol.

The demonstrators were out there early and stayed until after he left. But since Governor Walker had to head to Eau Claire, none of them were able to see him.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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