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Class of the Week: Lincoln Elementary 5th graders

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WAUSAU (WAOW) -- A group of five students at Lincoln Elementary School in Wausau are looking to help area wildlife.

Their interest in birds started with a visit from the Raptor Education Group Incorporated of Antigo. 5th grader Kuamuachua Thor says "We went to a field trip at the Wausau school forest and the REGI group, they came and talked to us about their birds and how they got sick."

After the field trip, these 5th grade classmates wanted to help nurse injured birds back to health, so they got together and started sacrificing recess time to put a fundraising plan together.

5th grader Angelica Nichols explains how they got started. "We went on the internet and saw and we read a little bit about some of the birds and they were hurt before, like some got shot and some got run over. And then we just decided if we do a penny drive, they can save more birds."

Lincoln Elementary Principal Alice Kuether has advised these students throughout the process, and she says she loves their enthusiasm. "Every once in awhile, a cause captures their imagination. I'm really proud of the kids. They put their heart into things that they care about, and they wanted to raise money for this cause."

These students will distribute penny cans to the classrooms on Monday. The drive will run March 14th-24th. They hope to raise $100. The students' enterprising minds and a willingness to help animals in need makes them our Class of the Week.

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