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HDTV Transition

Newsline Nine is upgrading from standard definition to high definition television and Station Manager John Harris says your picture will be six times better.

"It's going to be crystal clear. It's going to be widescreen. It's going to be almost stunning for how good it looks"

You won't have to change anything with your set at home but we have to make a lot of changes in our building.

Stan Zuidema is the engineer spearheading the project, "We are stripping our studio of sets and equipment and moving everything out."

So, for a few weeks we'll be doing the news from a makeshift set in our lobby.

After that, we will move back into the studio and onto a brand new set with new colors and new weather graphics.

Harris explained, "Content is always the most important thing but we think the way we look matters. This is avery nice setting for us to deliver the news."

Again, won't need to change your TV set. You will still be able to get our HD news over the air with an antenna or from your cable or satellite provider.


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