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Special Wausau School District Meeting

by Nate Barrett

WAUSAU (WAOW) - A special school district meeting was held today to modify the existing collective bargaining agreement.

Early this afternoon a motion was made and carried by the Wausau School district to ratify the proposed extension of the collective bargaining agreement.

It was give and take... with the teachers doing most of the giving. In fact the concessions made exceeded the governors expectations, but as the school board president explains both sides were content with the agreement.

Michelle Schaefer/School Board President: "The teachers really want to work together. There was a lot of fear and unknowns with the budget repair bill, and this will allow us to move forward and, perhaps if you will, put this behind us and move forward now"

And in order to move forward the teachers had to give up quite a bit. All pay will be frozen for the next two years and teachers will now have to pay the 5 point 8 percent employee contribution to the Wisconsin Retirement System.

The good news is Schaefer says the district does not expect to layoff any teachers. But only time will tell.

Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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