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Pet Pause: Choosing a good kitty litter

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UNDATED (WAOW) -- Here's the scoop on choosing a good kitty litter.

There are several varieties.  The main one is your basic clay.  It's biodegradable, relatively odor free, affordable and cats love to dig into the texture of the clay and it makes it easy for them to cover their eliminations.  The down side is it contains silica dust which is a harmful carcinogen when inhaled.

Another popular product is the clumping clay litter.  It is affordable, relatively odor free, easy for humans to clean and good texture.  The big downside is it swells up and clumps rock hard when exposed to liquid. It is not biodegradable.  Just think about the effect it could have if your cat ingested it. It is highly recommended not to be used for kittens.

Wood and paper pellets are clean, affordable, and basically dustless.  The down side-the texture can be a real turn off for cats and they may not use the box at all.

Two new items on the market are corn and wheat litter.  Both state they naturally eliminate odor, clump firmly, are biodegradable, very low dust, and are non-toxic for cats and kittens.  This wheat states it is certified flushable.  They are more expensive.

Instead of plastic liners there are biodegradable liners out.

One of the oldest and still best deodorizers out is baking soda.

The bottom line, whichever litter you use you absolutely need to keep the box clean for your cats and to eliminate waste odor for you.

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Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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