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Better 3-D TV

By Emily Neubauer - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

Wausau (WAOW)--  3-D TVs - are they here to stay, or will they go the way of the eight-track cassette?  Consumer Reports has tested nearly every 3-D television that's come out - including one of the newest from Vizio.

The newest 3-D TVs, such as the Vizio, use what's called "passive" technology.  The big advantage is the 3-D glasses are lighter, more comfortable, and much less expensive.

But Consumer Reports finds some drawbacks with the new technology.

In the 3-D mode, passive TVs can only show half the vertical resolution of a standard 1080p TV.   Because there are fewer pixels creating the image, our testers saw jagged lines where there should be smooth ones.

Vizio 3-D TVs can have more interference as well, creating a shimmery effect in certain scenes and potentially distracting the viewer from the program.

But overall, testers were fairly impressed with the Vizio's performance.  They claim it's the brightest 3-D set they've ever seen and has minimal ghosting, so you won't see double images through the glasses.

But, as we've seen, with new technology on the rise, it won't be long before a new version comes out, and all these current models are a thing of the past.

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