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Class of the Week: Nativity of our Lord eighth graders

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RHINELANDER (WAOW) -- The eighth graders at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School in are raising money and awareness for the homeless.

Huddled together in their warm, dry classroom, luckily, they haven't experienced homelessness.  But for 12 hours they will.

The class decided that to raise awareness they'll sleep outside in boxes for one night. They're calling it 'Teens Helping Teens: Box City.'

Doing it every day is something they can't imagine.

Bobby Powers says, "I think it would be hard and kind of scary.  You don't know what's going to happen to you and you have to survive on a day to day basis."

Erin Tenderholt adds, "I think it would be really hard because you never know where you'll sleep or if you're going to have food."

Besides raising awareness, they're also raising money.  They originally set a goal of $2,500.  They quickly surpassed that goal and doubled it.  By March 25th, they hope to raise $5,000.  That money will be split between the NATH House, a recently opened Northwoods homeless shelter and Covenant House, a nationally knowing service for homeless teens and runaways.

Tenderholt says, "Our community just finished the NATH house and we really want to see that cause keep going and we'd really like to help out homeless teens."

Powers adds, "I think it's important because even though we're Rhinelander, people don't think we have that many homeless people but we do.  There's a lot more than you think." 

If you'd like to help the students reach their goal you can drop a donation by the school's front office.  The address is 103 E King Street in Rhinelander.

The class will sleep outside in Stevens Port Square on March 25th.  They hope to reach their $5,000 dollar goal by then.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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