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Kronenwetter boy battles cancer, heads to MN for treatment

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KRONENWETTER (WAOW) -- They're words no parent wants to hear -- your child has cancer. But one Kronenwetter family has dealt with a whirlwind past few months, making sure their 7-year-old son will be okay.

Kyle Pagel looks the part of a young Jedi. He's a competitive one, willing to take on both his big brother and sister at video games.

"We let him win," said big sister Melissa Pagel.

"...Sometimes," added big brother Kurt Pagel.

Kyle and his siblings make a solid team. But this weekend, he faces a new kind of challenge without them. In September, doctors diagnosed Kyle with Neuroblastoma, a cancer most common in children under the age of five.

"There was no warning," said Kyle's mom, Megan Pagel. 

"His stomach, in about a week and a half, just started to get really big," said Kyle's dad, Brad Pagel. "What happened is his liver actually was coming out from underneath his rib cage."

Now, Kyle heads to the University of Minnesota where doctors will  transplant stem cells they harvested from his own body and cleaned last fall.

Kyle's fought through six rounds of chemo already, but he and his siblings stay positive. While he's gone for treatment, up to 40 days plus another 20 for recovery, they said the house won't be the same.

"The kids are very close," said Megan. "They love each other so that's the hard part."

His parents said they hope this seventh round of chemo will be the charm to help their little boy get back to normal so he can get back to more important things.

Kyle's parents said they're glad they caught the cancer when they did and encourage others to keep a close eye on their own kids. If you notice anything wrong, they said don't hesitate to bring it up to a doctor.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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