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Potential for flooding in Wood County

WOOD COUNTY (WAOW) -- There are sections of the Yellow River that are having flooding problems and with ice breaking up, the water is on the rise. It's peaceful now.  But melting snow and spring rain can mean big problems for Wood County.

"Almost every spring we see some type of flooding. The extent of the flooding, based on the severity, is based on how much ice we have, how the lake responds to it, and how much rain we get and they get to the north of us," said Pittsville Fire Chief Jerry Minor.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Yellow River near Babcock. Miles North in Pittsville, Fire Chief Jerry Minor says it's that time of year when problems rise, literally. 

He says, "Normally when we hear about the censor in Babcock being alerted we look to the north. Most of our problem comes from the Yellow River right here in the city to about 2 miles south of the city."

Ice cakes and high water closed this park. Minor says in the spring, there's a potential for jams that can raise the water level, endangering a handful of homes.

"Large ice cakes, it's not uncommon to have ice cakes coming through here that are the size of a house," said Minor.

Downstream in Babcock. It's a waiting game to see how mother nature will manipulate the river. Sections of the yellow river near Babcock are under flood warning until Wednesday morning.

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