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Ponce-Rocha "Your daughter is always in my prayers."

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MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- After nearly two years Breanna Schneller's family finally gets to speak to the man who murdered their beloved Bre.

Her mom, Lori says, "My girl was my everything, your honor. She made everything possible. She was the keeper of every secret. The maker of wonderful memories and a believer in our dreams."

Breanna's dreams squashed when her life was taken.  Her family never held back the anger they feel for the man who took it.

"I never thought I could feel hate and disgust for one person as much as I feel for you.  Says Sebastian Ramirez, Brianna's fiance, "The disgusting people like you should not even exist or be in jail forever."

Her brother, Rocky says, "I hope you rot in your cell for the rest of your life and suffer in prison. After there, if you make it, I hope you rot in hell. "

Craig Schneller, Brianna's father says, "You are a coward Raul. You are a coward."

"Raul Ponce-Rocha should never be able to walk the streets of free society ever again.  Added Lori Schneller, He brutally stole the life of our beautiful daughter, my baby girl and my best friend."

Their emotion could be felt.  Ponce-Rocha on the other hand emotionless.

He addressed Brianna's family.  "I know no words can describe this tragedy.  But I want you to know that I'm truly sorry about your loss.  Your daughter, as well as all of you, are always in my prayers."

The lack of emotion, combined with the sheer brutality of Breanna's murder lead Judge Patrick Brady to this sentence.

"I can't say he will ever be safe to be released. And it is my determination that he should serve his life sentence without eligibility for extended supervision."

It's a sentence Breanna's family has been waiting for.

Online Reporter:  Cami Mountain

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