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Edgar 5th Graders Named Class of the Week

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Fifth grade students at Edgar Elementary School in Edgar are keeping a close eye on world events. Earlier this week, they held a two-day fundraising event to support the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan.

5th grade student Molly Urmanski says "We decided that maybe we should support them since they lost everything and then we decided to have a bake sale."

These students set up shop outside of the cafeteria, giving their classmates the opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth at lunch. Each volunteer had a responsibility, whether it was watching the cash box, organizing the food items, or helping younger students decide which treat they should buy.

One thing is for sure. These kids made plenty of goodies to go around. In fact, 5th grade student Emily Lepak says "I made a batch of cupcakes, puppy chow, scotcheroos, and cookies."

The students set a fundraising goal of $200. With each baked good costing $0.50, that's 400 items they had to sell. They say they made $170 on just the first day, so it's safe to say they'll be satisfied when they deliver the check to the American Red Cross.

These students show great work ethic and compassion for their fellow man, making the Edgar Elementary 5th graders our Class of the Week.

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