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Merrill schools bring back 12 teachers, vocational programs for next year

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MERRILL (WAOW) -- At Monday night's school board meeting, they finalized recall notices for 12 teachers in the district.

Bruce Anderson helps handle the HR department for Merrill schools. He said each teacher plays a vital role in their district.

"They all got to see me one time giving the letters, telling them they were on layoff," said Anderson, "so it's a whole lot easier to come back and visit and offer them the letter that recalls them."

Of the 34 jobs originally up for layoffs, a dozen have been reinstated. That group includes many from the high school, bringing the business and tech ed programs back to life.

"Many students learn in many different ways so these courses help either pique their interest or grow their interest or match their learning styles," said Merrill High School Principal Shannon Murray.

With budget battles galore on federal, state and local levels, district leaders said it's been a struggle to figure out exactly what to do this time around.

"It's just not a simple year for making some of those decisions," said Anderson. "We kind of have to wait out the process."

The future of the SAGE program is still up in the air, which affects teachers at the elementary level across the district. But for now, school leaders said they'll gratefully take back those 12 teachers and hope for the best moving forward.

"We're very happy for our students," said Murray. "We're very happy for those teachers. And we're really happy that we get to maintain a good comprehensive program here for our students and for our community."

Even though a lot of work has already been done, district leaders said they could still be working until June or July to finalize all the budget plans for next year.

Online Reporter: Anna Carrera

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