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More than just baby babble?

UNDATED (ABC NEWS)--Out of the mouth of babes, it is a magical sound -- a toddler babbling away -- just beginning to grasp sounds.

But a pair of 17 month old twin brothers are explorers in human communication. That's Sam holding the fridge and Ren with the mismatched socks. They are fraternal twins who just seem to be making small talk at first but then the head shake the other threatens to turn away but stays to try to talk things out. Experts say it is more than just babble.

"There is a quite remarkably rich interchange. They're communicating with each other about each other," said D. Kimbrough Oller, the Professor and Plough Chair of Excellence in the School of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Memphis.

In early childhood, 40% of multiples have a secret way of communicating. There's even a name for it, idioglossia. Essentially babies trying to

communicate by mimicking each other, clearly coherent only to themselves.

They're not necessarily talking about something but they are communicating nonetheless.

"They're communicating about perhaps the fun of having the conversation. They're perhaps imitate what they see conversations look like," Oller said.

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